How do I make a booking for water?

Contact us via phone or email:
(07) 4959 2442

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver throughout Central and North Queensland.  Our trucks are based in Mackay and Rockhampton, however, we can deliver to almost anywhere in Queensland.  Call us to find out.

What size load can you deliver?

We deliver two different size loads of water:

  • 12,000 litres or part thereof – delivered in one truck
  • 26,000 litres or part thereof – delivered in a truck and trailer

What is potable water?

Potable water is drinking water that is safe for humans to consume.

Do you supply bottled water?

No, we do not supply bottled water, we supply potable drinking water in bulk.

Where does your water come from?

Our water is sourced from the municipal systems of Mackay Regional Council and Rockhampton Regional Council (ie the water we drink). The Councils undertake quality control testing of its potable water to ensure it meets the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and also the World Health Organisation’s physical, microbiological and chemical requirements for water quality. We fill and transport the water in food grade stainless steel tankers.

Is the water recycled?

No, we do not transport or deliver recycled water or water sourced from other supplies (eg dams, creeks etc). We only transport clean potable drinking water sourced from Council municipal systems.

Is your water safe to drink?

Yes, our water is premium quality drinking water sourced from Mackay and Rockhampton council municipal systems.

I am thinking of using the services of Clark Drinking Water.
As a new customer, what information will I need to provide?

  • You full name
  • If applicable, the business name and ABN that is to be on the invoice
  •  Postal address
  • Detailed street/delivery address (any extra information to assist truck drivers in finding your location)
  • Mobile phone number and other contact numbers
  • Email address
  • If wanting to open an account, please request a Credit Application Form which we can email or post to you.
  • Is there more than one tank located at the same address (eg rain water and bore water tanks)? We need to know the correct tank to be filled, however, we can always top up the other tank/s with any leftover water.
  • Is there any obstacles that our drivers need to be aware of (trees in the way, animals, small bridges, septic tanks etc)?
  • Will our trucks (possibly with trailers for large deliveries) be able to access your site and is there a safe place for them to park?
  • Will a 40 metre hose be sufficient or do we need to bring more? How far away from the delivery site will our trucks need to park?

How many water trucks do you have?

We have a fleet of water trucks including semi-trailers and truck and dogs. Our individual trucks can carry loads of 12,000 and 26,000 litres (or part thereof).

Can you still deliver water if your truck can’t get close to our site?

Our trucks are equipped with hoses up to 40 metres in length which enables a solution to most delivery obstacles. However, please advise us prior to delivery if you think our trucks may not be able to get close enough to the delivery site for filling; we can then organise to bring additional hoses to assist. This is important if we have not been to your site before.

What if I have animals on my property?

We do need to know if there will be animals in the same location as where we are filling the water. Please advise if our drivers need to ensure gates are closed or if there are dogs that will need to be restrained for the duration of the delivery.

What if I have more than one tank located at the same address?

You will need to advise which tank is to be filled and if any remaining water can be placed in another tank on site.

How quickly can you deliver?

In most cases we can generally deliver water the same day as it is ordered. In busy periods, we will endeavour to have your delivery done as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours.

Can I organise regular scheduled deliveries?

Most definitely – we can work with you to organise deliveries in advance on pre-arranged days. By prior arrangement we can also provide out-of-hours deliveries. Contact us for more information.

Do you do emergency deliveries?

Yes, we do cater for after-hours emergency deliveries. If you have a genuine emergency situation, contact us after-hours on 0428 592 442.

Do you hire out water tanks?

Yes, we hire out pumps and water tanks of various sizes between 9,000 and 16,000 litres for either short or long-term periods. Contact us for more details on sizes and rates.

What else is your water used for?

Our bulk potable drinking water is used to fill water tanks, swimming pools, deliveries to construction, industrial and mining sites and many other uses.

How are delivery rates determined?

Our rates are based on the delivery destination, the amount of water you require and the time spent on site. Call us today for a quote or to find out more details on our rates.

What are your payment methods?

We accept, cash, cheque, EFTPOS and EFT (electronic funds transfer). Please note that payment is required prior to the water delivery. Those customers who have a pre-approved credit account (for a specific limit) will be issued a 30-day invoice.

Can I be supplied with an invoice?

Yes, an invoice can be posted or emailed to you. Please let us know if you require an invoice.

Do I need to tell you about any obstacles on my property or special delivery details?

In order for a prompt delivery and to determine the most suitable water truck to send, we do need to know the following information:

  • Is there any obstacles that could prevent our trucks entering your site?  (eg small bridge to cross, small driveway, trees)?
  • Is there a septic tank nearby that a truck should not drive over??
  • How far away from the water delivery site will the trucks need to park?